Teaching Methodology

A fully communicative approach to the teaching of Italian Language

The school adopts a fully communicative approach to the teaching of Italian that is continually up-dated. Language is never presented out of context and grammar, phonology, lexis and all other features of actual language used in everyday situations are analysed. A wide variety of up-to-date authentic material is used in class, thus giving the students valuable information about modern-day Italian culture and society at the same time as developing the students' authentic linguistic and communicative skills.

"Communicative tasks, group work, and role-play are amongst the
principal techniques and procedures employed in class.
The accent is on activity rather than on passive receptivity."

Class & Students

Students are of all ages and come from different countries of the world

Classes are formed by small groups of students, the average number of learners per class is 5-6. The classrooms are large, well-lit and they have air conditioning. All our classes consist of students with compatible levels of competence.

Normally, students' nationalities in each class are various. As a result, our classes are interesting, multicultural groups of people who exchange ideas and opinions and communicate experiences in Italian, a language shared by all.

We know that students come to Italy not only to learn the language but also to relax on our beautiful beaches or in the green of our countryside, to get to know new people, to taste excellent food, to visit our cultural and historical places… And it is exactly for these reasons that our Italian language school offers the perfect opportunity for students to learn the language while enjoying themselves in one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

The aim of our language school is to combine high quality teaching with an unforgettable experience, that will allow our students not only to learn the Italian language and culture but also to enjoy themselves and relax. We hope to leave our students the feeling that their stay has enriched them linguistically, culturally and personally.

Our Teachers

Teaching in Orbitlingua means working in a friendly atmosphere

The school has a team of motivated, mother tongue teachers, all highly qualified and with many years of personal experience as teachers of the Italian language to foreign students in different language schools in France, Germany, Spain, England and Italy where they have had the opportunity to acquire a in-depth knowledge of the qualities necessary to a language school and, above all, what is required of a language school. Such experience has taught us that the best way to learn a language is by associating traditional teaching methods to the pleasure of learning whilst having fun - a technique developed in the classroom by the teachers at our language school.

All our teachers have been selected from special training courses and they are further required to take part in teacher education seminars.

Teaching in Orbitlingua means working in a friendly atmosphere with small groups of students. This enables our teachers to interact better with each student and organise lively, interesting and entertaining lessons.